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Kevin J Sweet

Is a filmmaker and installation artist based out of Boston, MA.

He received his MFA in Film and Video from the Massachusetts College for Art and Design and has a BA in Film Studies from Keene State College, NH.

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Past / Ongoing Projects


The 57 is an ongoing project, documenting thoughts, observations, and encounters on the 57 bus line in Boston, MA.


VideoCells is a collection of work focusing on the visual language of streaming codecs (such as 3GGP and 3GGP2). This work stems from the idea that these video programs, formats, and their partnered small-sensor cameras have greatly contributed to the democratization of time based visual media. This increase in access to visual media equipment and distribution comes at the cost of the hightened proprietization of media formats and the very software that determines our technological translation of time and reality.

Redline Sleepers

Redline Sleepers is a weekly web installation, modelled after point-and-click adventures, this animated gif series extends moments of vulnerability in public spaces into the cyber domain.