Guestbook Project
director of media

International organization promoting the power of digital storytelling as a means of healing divisions caused by religious and cultural beliefs, by war, acute poverty or injustice.

Armenian Genocide: An Exchange of Narratives (2015)
Guestbook Project initiative: Exchanging Stories – Changing History, inviting young people from divided communities to meet and exchange their stories of conflict, and to engage in a new, shared, imaginative project that can end the gap and build a better future.  TRANSCRIPT (role: image, edit, sound)

creative development

JoyceStick is an open-source, virtual reality adaptation of James Joyce’s Ulysses from Boston College, launched on Bloomsday, June 15th, 2017 at the James Joyce Centre in Dublin, Ireland.

JoyceStick Gameplay Trailer (2017) by Liam Weir

The Gay Hero Project
co-founder, producer

The Gay Hero Project is a multimedia organization which aims to celebrate the lives and stories of contemporary lgbtq heroes. We believe that everyone deserves a hero, and every hero deserves to have their story told.

Presented at Cineslam (VT) 2015, 8th Pride of the Ocean LGBT Film Festival, and Green Mountain Crossroads, VT

Portraits trailer (2014)
GHP initiative: Portraits, a series comprised of short documentaries celebrating the stories of contemporary lgbtq artists, musicians, and educators. (role: producer, camera, edit, sound)

Bonnie Bowman (2015)
GHP initiative: GHP Presents, a series of short documentaries and creative works about the lgbt community. (role: producer, camera)

Sweetie and GHP on the Streets, series 1 (2015)
GHP initiative: GHP on the Streets, a series of vox-pop style shorts posing the question “Who’s your gay hero?” (role: producer)