The Gay Hero Project
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The Gay Hero Project is a multimedia organization with three initiatives celebrating the lives and stories of contemporary lgbtq heroes. We believe that everyone deserves a hero, and every hero deserves to have their story told.

Cineslam (VT) 2015 | 8th Pride of the Ocean LGBT Film Festival | Green Mountain Crossroads, VT

GHP Initiatives

Portraits: The Gay Hero Project

(In Production) Portraits is a documentary series designed for television and featuring the lives and stories of contemporary gay heroes. Unscripted and deeply moving, every hero has a unique experience to offer, whether it’s roaming the New York streets with comic Cara Kilduff or thumbing through the extensive photography portfolio of celebrity and fashion photographer of Bradford Noble in his Manhattan home.

Portraits is designed to entertain, represent, and offer real stories from proud members of the lgbtq community. Teaser trailer below:

GHP On the Streets

The GHP team hits the streets in cities around the US to ask: who’s your gay hero? For videos and more information, visit our youtube channel.


Video Stills

GHP Presents

GHP Presents is a growing collection of short documentaries produced by The Gay Hero Project. Projects include Bonnie Bowman (screened at the 8th annual Pride of the Ocean Film Festival).


video stills from Bonnie Bowman

Guestbook Project
member, advisory board

International organization promoting the power of digital storytelling as a means of healing divisions caused by religious and cultural beliefs, by war, acute poverty or injustice.


video still from The Armenian Genocide: An Exchange of Narratives